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Laus Polyphoniae 2022 | POLYPHONY of life

19-28 August

Counterpoint is not an everyday term, but it lies at the very heart of polyphony and is inextricably linked to the music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: the essential elements in our summer festival. In a nutshell, counterpoint is the intertwining of different melodies to create a sonorous piece of music. Just as you can weave textiles with different threads, you can combine musical lines according to the rules of counterpoint to create a piece of music. Through the centuries, musicians and composers have worked with these rules in startlingly creative ways, leading to a great variety of styles in all genres of music. From naive, three-part French chansons to passionate four-part Italian madrigals or cerebral twelve-part religious compositions: the festival presents polyphony in all its glory.

There was plenty of counterpoint to be heard in people’s lives in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, both on special occasions and in everyday life. In Zie een vrouw, a production that combines music and images, Lieve Blancquaert and the Tiburtina Ensemble focus on human emotions at crucial moments in a woman’s life, from birth to death. Are our lives so different from those of people 600 years ago? Anna Danilevskaia from the Sollazzo Ensemble rightly remarks that we were all born under the same sky. Emotions of love, suffering and wonder are universal. The feeling of being uprooted is also one that afflicts refugees of every age, and that is the starting point for the British ensemble Stile Antico. They present music by English composers who were forced to flee their homeland in fear of persecution because of their beliefs.

As we do every year, we will be inviting the best ensembles from Belgium and abroad to present the richness of counterpoint to you with voices and instruments. All the concerts and activities will be held at AMUZ and at historic locations in the centre of Antwerp.

Laus Polyphoniae 2022 is the postponed edition of 2020 that could not take place due to COVID. Customers who bought tickets then, have kept them in most cases. There are, of course, still tickets available for the festival.Ticket sales will start again on 14 March at 10 a.m. (online).

Laus Polyphoniae 2022 is a close cooperation between AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp), Alamire Foundation (KU Leuven), in collaboration with Klara/VRT, Musica Impulscentrum, Davidsfonds, Stad Antwerpen and Vlaanderen.

Season tickets

The most beautiful music at a soft price: with a season ticket you enjoy a 20% discount. Every season, we put together some great season tickets for you.


Contrapunctus & Choir of The Queen’s College Oxford

19 August 2022 20:00


20 August 2022 10:00

Passi Sparsi (IYAP)

20 August 2022 11:00

Anacronía (IYAP)

20 August 2022 12:00

Giesta (IYAP)

20 August 2022 14:00

Parnassus Quartet (IYAP)

20 August 2022 15:00

Flutes & Frets Duo (IYAP)

20 August 2022 16:00

Cappella Pratensis, Ensemble Alamire & Oltremontano Antwerpen

20 August 2022 20:00

Musicke & Mirth

20 August 2022 22:15

Musicke & Mirth

21 August 2022 22:15

InAlto & Cappella Mariana

21 August 2022 20:00

B-Five & InVocare

22 August 2022 13:00

Stile Antico

22 August 2022 20:00

L’Ultima Parola & Herman De Winné

22 August 2022 22:15

Le Miroir de Musique

23 August 2022 13:00

Lieve Blancquaert & Tiburtina Ensemble

23 August 2022 20:00

Lieve Blancquaert & Tiburtina Ensemble

23 August 2022 22:15

Michał Gondko & Nigel North

23 August 2022 22:15

La Fonte Musica

24 August 2022 20:00

Pluto-ensemble & Hathor Consort

24 August 2022 22:15

Skip Sempé

25 August 2022 13:00

La Grande Chapelle

25 August 2022 20:00

Ratas del viejo Mundo

25 August 2022 22:15

Franz Vitzthum & Dryades Consort

26 August 2022 13:00

Sollazzo Ensemble

26 August 2022 20:00


26 August 2022 22:15

Huelgas Ensemble: Ut re mi fa sol la

27 August 2022 17:00

Huelgas Ensemble: Ave maris stella

27 August 2022 20:00

Huelgas Ensemble: O florens rosa

27 August 2022 22:15

Ritmes van het leven: De Bossche koorboeken

28 August 2022 11:00


28 August 2022 20:00

For the youngest ones

Theater De Spiegel

20 August 2022 10:00

Theater De Spiegel

20 August 2022 15:00

Theater De Spiegel

21 August 2022 10:00

Theater De Spiegel

21 August 2022 15:00


Summerschool 2022

22 August until 28 August

Contrapunt, punt voor punt

23 August until 25 August
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