Classical music of all times from a historical-scientific approach.

Monophonic and polyphonic music are inextricably linked. Why is that? Laus Polyphoniae 2024 can’t wait to investigate for you. Discover VOX\VOCES, monophonic\polyphonic now.

The most beautiful venues in Antwerp, the most astonishing voices and the most stunningly woven musical fabrics: Laus Polyphoniae, from 23 August until 1 September, is pure luxury for the listener. Welcome!

Laus Polyphoniae 2024: selected for you

Sollazzo Ensemble – Francesco Landini

24 August 2024 22:15

Dorothee Mields & Boreas Quartett Bremen – Basevi codex

25 August 2024 22:15

graindelavoix – Media vita

26 August 2024 20:00

The Gesualdo Six – An early English tapestry

27 August 2024 13:00

AUXantiqua & I Fedeli – A8

27 August 2024 22:15

Dulces Exuviae – Toutes les nuits

29 August 2024 22:15

The most beautiful music at a soft price: with a season ticket you enjoy a 20% discount.

Artist in residence

Discover our guest here: tenor Reinoud Van Mechelen.

“Singers have such a great advantage: you empathise as an actor every time.”

Reinoud Van Mechelen