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The magnificent 19th century winter chapel with murals in neo-Byzantine style houses our unique foyer. Before and after the concerts, we would like to welcome you back to our foyer. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely, we recommend that you reserve a drink after the concert in advance via foyer@amuz.be. After all, seats in the foyer are still limited. You do not need to make a reservation for your foyer visit before the concert.

We kindly ask you to take the following measures into account:

  • After booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us containing the link to place your order and pay for it immediately.
  • You can also order on the spot, to avoid queues at the bar, preferably at your table. A sticker on your table will lead you to the menu via a QR code. The order is then brought to your table.
  • You only have to register once and from then on you can always easily order online or via QR code.
  • You can only pay on the spot via bancontact or credit card, preferably contactless.
  • Consumption at the bar is not permitted, only at the table.


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