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Huelgas Ensemble: Music at Antwerp Cathedral

Composers and Kapellmeisters at Antwerp Cathedral

Paul Van Nevel and his Huelgas Ensemble present an anthology of music by the 16th century composers who were linked to the Church of Our Lady in Antwerp, which would later become the cathedral. The most beautiful music of Noël Bauldeweyn, Séverin Cornet, George de La Hèle, Andreas Pevernage and others resounded for decades beneath the vaulted ceiling of this majestic Gothic church. The focal point of this varied programme is La Hèle’s Missa Fremuit spiritu Jesu, published by Plantijn in 1578. It is based on the motet of the same name by Orlandus Lassus. Motets and chansons are arranged around the mass, including a lament by Pevernage upon the death of Christoffel Plantijn.


Maria Valdmaa, Dorothea Jakob, Sabine Lutzenberger, Helen Cassano, cantus | Achim Schulz, Paul Bentley-Angell, Loïc Paulin, Adriaan De Koster, Tom Phillips, Sebastiaan Ammerlaan, tenor | Tim Scott Whiteley, Roland Faust, bassus | Paul Van Nevel, artistic leader

Fri 18 August 2023

20:00 - St.-Pauluskerk


Tier 1: € 38 / € 34 | Tier 2: € 34 / € 30