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Cupertinos: Duarte Lobo

A Portuguese Requiem in a Print by Plantijn

No fewer than four musical prints containing exclusively religious works by Duarte Lobo (1564/9-1646), the Kapellmeister of Lisbon Cathedral, were published by Jan I and Balthasar I Moretus, the successors to Plantijn in Antwerp. Lobo set the eight-part Missa Pro defunctis – the Requiem – to music twice: once in a six-part version that has survived in the second collection of masses from 1639, but also in an earlier, eight-part setting (1621), which will be performed at Laus Polyphoniae. The Requiem is a curious exercise in balance between exploiting the possibilities of the extensive setting and respecting the serious, sober atmosphere that a work performed in this context requires.




Eva Braga Simões, Raquel Mendes, Paulina Sá Machado, cantus | Gabriela Braga Simões, Maria Bustorff, alto | Luis Toscano, Gabriel Neves dos Santos, tenor | Pedro Silva, Nuno Mendes, Ricardo Torres, bass


Fri 25 August 2023

20:00 - St.-Pauluskerk


Tier 1: € 28 / € 24 | Tier 2: € 24 / € 20