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Tiburtina Ensemble

Between heaven and earth. Medieval eulogies from Italy

At the beginning of the 13th century, Francis of Assisi knelt beneath the Mediterranean firmament to sing his praises to God. Barbora Kabátková has compiled a programme that takes us to the space between heaven and earth. Along with two Italian virtuosi on the nyckelharpa, she presents a selection of unique hymns or laude: monodic religious songs from the famous Laudario di Cortona manuscript. The nyckelharpa was a favourite instrument among travelling bards whose songs St Francis admired. “Effortless, powerful and crystal clear”, De Standaard commented on the Tiburtina singers, all of whom are consummate specialists in mediaeval music.

01 March, 2020 15:00 -- amuz

The Times Academy

As well as The Times, HERMESensemble, AMUZ, De Veerman and Musica have also created a separate development track for young composers who are learning their craft at a conservatory, under the name THE TIMES ACADEMY. This is a design studio and co-creation process in which a new composition is shaped in intensive collaboration with the musicians of the HERMESensemble and the composer Wim Henderickx.

07 March, 2020 20:00 -- amuz
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