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Rubens Rosa – International Young Artist’s Presentation (IYAP)

Charms in Disguise. The Multiple and Hidden Facets of the Cape Town Codex.

The young vocal-instrumental ensemble Rubens Rosa explores the manuscript known as the Cape Town Codex, held by the National Library in Cape Town. It was compiled before 1506 in a Benedictine monastery in Northern Italy. The incomplete manuscript contains 85 interesting compositions: the oldest works date from around 1430, and the most recent from around 1500. The wide-ranging source material has inspired Rubens Rosa ensemble to create a programme in various vocal and instrumental constellations, in which they showcase both the diversity of the compositions and that of the ensemble.


Aliénor Wolteche, artistic direction & fiddle | Karin Weston, voice | Elizabeth Sommers, viola d’arco | Mélina Perlein-Féliers, harp | Asako Ueda, lute

Sat 19 August 2023

15:00 - AMUZ


€ 8 | IYAP day ticket: € 36

In collaboration with:

Musica Impulscentrum