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Raphaella Smits

Che Argentina

The guitarist Raphaella Smits is fascinated by every aspect of Argentina, a country where music is part of everyday life and the guitar is omnipresent. Her recital is full of poignant music by composers including Jorge Morel, a guitar virtuoso whose work is clearly influenced by Argentina, the country of his birth, as well as by jazz and film music. Heitor VillaLobos’ Preludes are Brazilian, of course, but this outlier fits perfectly into a warm and highly varied evening that conjures images from classical music, jazz, Brazilian music and pure Argentine folklore. Raphaella Smits has become famous as “one of the most sensitive and cultured performers of our time.” (Jean Bernard, Diapason)


J. Morel: Suite for Olga | Romance | Danza Brasilera | A. Ramirez: Balada para Martin Fierro | J. Falú: Como el aire | E. Falú: Cuando se dice adios | H. Villa-Lobos: Preludes nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Raphaella Smits, guitar 

Fri 25 November 2022

20:00 - AMUZ


Tier 1: € 22 / € 18 | Tier 2: € 18 / € 16

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