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Le Miroir de Musique: Verdonck

Cornelis Verdonck (1563-1625)

Le Miroir de Musique, which specialises in the historical performance of music from the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance, from the time of the troubadours to the humanist movements of the 16th century, explores the work of Cornelis Verdonck. His French chansons and two to ten-part madrigals reveal an immense power of expression. They are one of the last great flourishes of Franco-Flemish polyphony in an age when accompanied monody was just about to bring radical changes to musical language.

Born in Turnhout, Cornelis Verdonck grew up under the protection of Cornelis Pruenen, senator and treasurer of Antwerp. As a pupil of Séverin Cornet, he developed a flawless counterpoint technique that he mainly explored in his secular works. He is one of the most important madrigal composers in the North, whom Sweelinck believed to be every bit as talented as the Italian masters.




Charlotte Nachtsheim, soprano | Sabine Lutzenberger, mezzo-soprano | Vincent Lièvre-Picard, Cyril Escoffier, tenor | Emmanuel Vistorky, bass | Etienne Asselin, cornett | Silke Schulze, dulcian, three-hole pipe & drum | Henry van Engen, sackbut | Mathilde Gomas, Elizabeth Rumsey, viol | Giovanna Pessi, harp | Baptiste Romain, Renaissance violin & artistic leader


Wed 23 August 2023

20:00 - AMUZ


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