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Comet Musicke: Lohoys & Hobreau

The Business of Music: two enterprising Musicians in 16th century Antwerp

The storytellers of Comet Musicke present the tale of Georges Lohoys and Jean Hobreau. These two men set up a partnership in Antwerp on 20 March 1541. They provided music for festivities and gave music and dance lessons. 

Léon de Burbure, who explored the archives of the Cathedral of Our Lady and the city in the 19th century, recounted their lives in Deux virtuoses à Anvers (1880). 

Comet Musicke reconstructs the music chosen for one of Lohoys’ and Hobreau’s festivals: from works by local, Antwerp-based composers to French music, with lighter pieces and more serious chansons, vocal and instrumental works, older music such as that by Obrecht and Josquin and newer music from the various editions of the Musyck boexken or Souterliedekens by the music publisher Tielman Susato. There will also be music by Baston, Lassus, Barbe and Waelrant. Breathe in the atmosphere of a 16th century musical festival in Antwerp. A world première!




Sarah Richards, soprano | Sarah Lefeuvre, soprano & recorders | Daniela Maltrain, soprano & vihuela de arco | Cyrille Métivier, countertenor, cornett & vihuela de arco | Raphaël Mas, countertenor & percussion | François Joron, baritone | Camille Rancière, baritone & vihuela de arco | Erwan Picquet, bass | Francisco Mañalich, tenor, vihuela de arco & artistic leader

Thu 24 August 2023

13:00 - AMUZ


Tier 1: € 28 / € 24 | Tier 2: € 24 / € 20