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Specchio del cielo

Specchio del Cielo combines Orlandus Lassus’ Prophetiae sibyllarum with a new composition by Johannes Schöllhorn set to the expressive poem Litania by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The twelve parts of Lassus’ work, each of which is attributed to an ancient sibyl who prophesises the coming of Christ, create a harmonic world brimming with chromaticism. These harmonies form the basis for the new work for twelve singers and six instrumentalists by Johannes Schöllhorn, opening many musical perspectives in all kinds of different directions. The voices refer to the past, while the instruments bring the present into play. This results in a ‘specchio del cielo’, a mirror of heaven, reflecting a colourful, myriad past and present.


O. Lassus: Prophetiae Sybillarum | G. Grisey: Talea | J. Schöllhorn: Specchio (belgian premiere)


Collegium Vocale Gent | Het Collectief | James Wood, artistic leader

Fri 14 October 2022

20:00 - AMUZ


Tier 1: € 30 / € 26 | Tier 2: € 26 / € 22

This concert can be part of the season ticket De keuze van Reinoud Van Mechelen.

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