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Cappella Mediterranea

Lamenti & Sospiri. Madrigals by Sigismondo d’India

Along with Claudio Monteverdi, Sigismondo d’India was one of the most important composers to bridge the musical gap between the Renaissance and Baroque. He experienced his most productive period at court in Turin (1611-1623). Sigismondo d’India is one of the forefathers of the modern music style, accompanied monody. This means that a voice is accompanied by instruments, which is considered the ideal way to bring out the expressive qualities of a text. The sopranos  Mariana Flores and Gwendoline Blondeel have proven time and time again that they can interpret the ‘sighs and lamentations’ of Italian music, with all its passions and emotions, like no other.


J. Arcadelt: Vostra fui e sarò | F. Cavalli: Dimmi, Amor, che farò | D. Castello : Sonata | S. d’India: Ardo lassa o non Ardo, Mercè! grido piangendo, Un di soletto, Piangono al pianger mio, Odi quel rosignolo, Voi che ascoltate in rime sparse, Io viddi in terra angelici costumi, La tra ‘l sangue e le morti, Pallidetta qual viola, Mentre che ‘l cor, Su su prendi la cetra o Pastore


Mariana Flores, Gwendoline Blondeel, sopranos | Margaux Blanchard, viol | Marie Bournisien, harp | Quito Gato, theorbo & guitar | Mónica Pustilnik, archlute| Leonardo García Alarcón, harpsichord, organ & artistic leader

Fri 17 February 2023

20:00 - AMUZ


Rang 1: € 30 / € 26 | Rang 2: € 26 / € 22

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