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Blue Heron: Pevernage & friends

Andreas Pevernage and Friends in Music Prints by Phalesius

The American vocal ensemble Blue Heron presents you a fine selection of French chansons from the anthology Le Rossignol Musical des Chansons, published by Phalesius in Antwerp in 1597. You will hear music by composers who worked in Antwerp, such as the brilliant but largely unknown Andreas Pevernage, who was the Kapellmeister at the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp from 1585 until his death in 1591. There will also be works by composers who had connections with the city, such as Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and Claude Le Jeune.




Kim Leeds, Sophie Michaux, Cody Bowers, cantus | Jason McStoots, James Reese, Aaron Sheehan, Sumner Thompson, tenor & contratenor | Paul Guttry, David McFerrin, bassus | Paul O’Dette, lute | Scott Metcalfe, artistic director

Mon 21 August 2023

13:00 - AMUZ


Tier 1: € 28 / € 24 | Tier 2: € 24 / € 20

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