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Support fund for young Belgian artists

COVID-19 has really shaken up the world. The consequences have also been felt drastically in the cultural sector. In the past few months, many concerts have had to be put on hold. As a result, musicians have been heavily affected by this.

In order to be able to support the artists affected, AMUZ opened a project account managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. There is still a way to go and we therefore hope for the financial support of everyone who cares about music.

With your donation, we are inviting young Belgian musicians to take part in a digital concert series. We are offering the stage at AMUZ and the support of our team. We will make sure that their concerts are recorded in the best possible conditions so that as many music lovers as possible can enjoy them.

These are the musicians already performing: Mario Sarrechia (harpsichord), Korneel Van Neste (countertenor) & Justin Glaie (lute), Deborah Cachet (soprano) & Bart Naessens (harpsichord) & Edouard Catalan (cello), Adriaan Lauwers (theorbo and baroque guitar), Beniamino Paganini (harpsichord, traverso flute) & Nele Vertommen (oboe, recorder), Lies Wyers (viol) & Pieter Vandeveire (viol). It is still possible to donate to our Support Fund for Belgian artists. Thanks to your donations, we have already planned 6 digital concerts with the musicians above, but we still hope to be able to support many more.

Support can be provided through a classic bank transfer to the project account ‘AMUZ Steunfonds’, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, account BE10 0000 0000 0404 (BIC: BPOTBEB1) with the payment reference 128/3274/00084.

Donations of 40€+ made to the King Baudouin Foundation trigger a tax reduction of 45%. Following the COVID-19 crisis, the federal government has increased the tax deduction to 60% of the amounts donated in 2020.

We were delighted to see how many visitors had not requested a refund for cancelled tickets, and once again we are very grateful for this. Your contribution will also be donated to the Belgian Artists Support Fund. Those who donated the money for their cancelled tickets in 2020 are also entitled to a tax credit if the total ticket value is at least €40 (so also with retroactive effect). We will contact the ticket buyers personally for the administrative processing.

Beniamino Paganini & Nele Vertommen (streaming)

16 January 2021 10:00

Korneel Van Neste & Justin Glaie (streaming)

23 January 2021 10:00

Mario Sarrechia (streaming)

30 January 2021 10:00

Adriaan Lauwers (streaming)

06 February 2021 10:00

Lies Wyers & Pieter Vandeveire (streaming)

13 February 2021 10:00

Deborah Cachet, Bart Naessens & Edouard Catalan (streaming)

20 February 2021 10:00