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Melvyn Tan

Passion and Poetry on the Piano

“I am delighted with the second sonata,” Clara wrote to Robert Schumann in 1838, “your whole being is expressed in it so clearly.” And yet she encouraged him in the same letter to revise the last, “far too difficult” section, which resulted in the composition of an entirely new finale that you will also hear today. Although it is often cited as one of his most classically structured works, this piano sonata is a sparkling composition that flirts with the limits of expression in both the pianist and the instrument itself. His engagement to Clara stimulated Robert Schumann’s creativity, especially after fierce opposition from his future father-inlaw. As soon as they were married, Schumann started working on the Davidsbündlertänze. This 18-part cycle is considered one of the greatest Romantic works for the piano, expressing passion, fear, desire and dreams


R. Schumann: Piano sonata no. 2 in G minor, opus 22 | Davidsbündlertänze, opus 6 | F. Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte, opus 67


Melvyn Tan, piano

Sun 9 October 2022

15:00 - AMUZ


Tier 1: € 26 / € 22 | Tier 2: € 22 / € 18

This concert can be part of the season ticket Klavier.

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