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Lore Binon, Vlaams Radiokoor & HERMESensemble

Revelations by Wim Henderickx

AMUZ pays tribute to Wim Henderickx (1962-2022) in a semi-staged performance of his Revelations from 2016. A constant feature of Wim Henderickx’ work is his rendering of spirituality in music. Revelations brings that spiritual dimension quite literally close to home. The work is constructed around texts from the visions of the 13th century Antwerp mystic Hadewych. With a soprano soloist, electronics, three instruments (flute, viola and percussion) and a small female choir, the result is decidedly intimate. The Middle Eastern percussion adds an intercultural dimension. 

Hadewych’s testimonies are among the most astonishing texts in our literary history. In the tradition of a mediaeval Christian mystic, Hadewych describes a relationship of ecstatic love with the Divine Other in her Visions, in which passion is key. In a setting that places an individual opposite a choir, Revelations seeks the power of visionary experiences and ecstasy. With intriguing chords, enchanting siren song and sometimes piercing clusters, the music evokes Hadewych’s ecstasy. Kurt d’Haeseleer has created video images to suit the spiritual atmosphere. 


W. Henderickx: Revelations (semi-staged performance)


Lore Binon, soprano | Vlaams Radiokoor | HERMESensemble: Diederik Glorieux, music director | Karen Defleyt, flute | Marc Tooten, viola & viola d’amore | Joeri Wens, percussion | Jorrit Tamminga: electronics | Bart Celis, sound recording, editing, mixing & mastering | Kurt d’Haeseleer, video design | Peter Quasters, light & image

Sat 3 February 2024

20:00 - AMUZ


Tier 1: € 33 / € 29 | Tier 2: € 29 / € 25 / This concert is also included in season tickets Vocal

In collaboration with:

HERMESensemble, Vlaams Radiokoor & Muziektheater Transparant