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Le corps s’en va, le coeur demeure. Leuven Chansonnier III

The music from the Leuven Chansonnier had its world premiere at Laus Polyphoniae in 2018. This little songbook that was discovered by coincidence in 2015 is an important find. It has turned out to be a new source of familiar, sometimes famous compositions, and it adds no less than twelve undiscovered pieces to our late mediaeval musical repertoire.
As well as conducting extensive musicological research, it is essential to release the music from the written scores and bring it back to life in live performances. The Swiss Sollazzo Ensemble led by Anna Danilevskaia is working on a recording of the entire Leuven Chansonnier and the 49 Franco-Flemish songs it contains. This is the third concert programme that the ensemble has dedicated to the book. Here they focus on hope, the heart and the love that remains even when the body is gone.

J. Ockeghem: La despourveue et la bannye | F. Caron: Le despourveu infortunné | Barbingant: L’omme bany | Anon.: Puisqu’a vous servir me suis mis | H. van Ghizeghem: De touz bien plaine est ma maitresse | Barbingant/J. Ockeghem: Au travail suis que peu de gens me croiraient | W. Frye: Tout a par moy | Anon.: Si vous voullez que je vous ame (unicum) | Anon.: En atendant | Anon.: Ha cueur perdu et desole | A. Busnois: Le corps s’en va et le cuer vous demeure | Anon.: Quant je fus prins au pavillon | Anon.: Vraiz amans (curiosity)

Carine Tinney, soprano | Andrew Hallock, countertenor | Jonatan Alvarado, tenor | Christoph Sommer, lute | Johanna Bartz, flute | Anna Danilevskaia, vihuela de arco & artistic direction

Friday 28.01.2022
20.00 AMUZ

Cat. 1: €24 / €20
Cat. 2: €20 / €16

This concert is part of Kennismakingsabonnement 1. You can find more information about season tickets here.

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