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Reinoud Van Mechelen & a nocte temporis

Oh ma Belle Brunette: French Arias and Songs from the Late 17th Century

A ‘brunette’ is not just a woman with brown hair: it is also a musical form that was very popular in France in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Incidentally, a new instrument was also invented at the end of the 17th century that soon became especially popular: the flûte allemande, now known as the traverso or Baroque flute. Consequently, many brunettes were also adapted for the traverso. “Anna Besson inspires admiration. There is something addictive in the sound of her traverso, sweet yet merciless, sometimes resigned, sometimes yearning.” (De Standaard) You may have heard her at work at AMUZ during BACHSUITESinPRIMETIME. Now she will present a selection of arias and brunettes with Reinoud Van Mechelen and a nocte temporis, ranging from the most moving ballad to the fieriest drinking song!


Anonymous, pub. C. Ballard: Où êtes-vous allés, mes belles amourettes | Le beau berger Tircis, Taisez-vous ma musette | L’autre jour ma Cloris | Je ne veux plus aimer rien | J. Cochereau: Plaignez-vous ma muzette |M. de Sainte-Colombe: Chaconne


Anna Besson, traverso | Loris Barrucand, harpsichord | Myriam Rignol, viol | Simon Linné, theorbo | Reinoud Van Mechelen, tenor & artistic leader

Fri 24 March 2023

20:00 - AMUZ


Tier 1: € 26 / € 22 | Tier 2: € 22 / € 18

This concert can be part of the season ticket De keuze van Reinoud Van Mechelen.

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