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pseudonym – International Young Artist’s Presentation (IYAP)

Broken colours

It’s a pleasure to give upcoming talent with fresh, new ideas and an interesting artistic background a helping hand. And that’s exactly what IYAP is for: to boost today’s promising musicians, helping them grow into the stars of tomorrow! In the Young Artist’s Presentation, young musicians present their work to the public after intensive coaching by international early music specialists. Discover the selected ensembles during this day of concerts at AMUZ. Many IYAP ensembles have returned to the festival stage in recent years. So book now for this exclusive sneak preview! 


Broken colours

In the first decades of the 17th century, instrumental music gained a new impetus with works ‘in stile moderno’ by composers such as Castello, Marini and Merula. Their music publications indicated that the music could be performed ‘con ogni sorte di strumente musicale’, by any combination of musical instruments. The pseudonym ensemble explores the sound colours in this repertoire with the help of various traverso flutes, the violin, viol and keyboard instruments.


Music from D. Castello, G-P. da Palestrina, A. Falconieri, B. Marini, T. Merula, S. Rossi


Liane Sadler, traverse flutes | Maya Webne-Behrman, violin | Stephen Moran, viol | Gabriel Smallwood, harpsichord & organ

Sat 24 August 2024

14:00 - AMUZ


€ 8 | IYAP day ticket: € 36

In collaboration with:

Musica Impulscentrum en met de steun van de Nationale Loterij