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Laus Polyphoniae 2021 | JOSQUIN

20-29 august

The exact 500th anniversary of Josquin des Prez’ death will be during Laus Polyphoniae 2021. Even in his own time, his person and music were swathed in an aura of magic. As his fame grew, however, so did the number of compositions that were wrongfully attributed to him. As a festival specialising in polyphony, it is almost our duty to show Josquin in a new light.

The composer brought a wind of change blowing through Franco-Flemish polyphony. His music is startling in its compositional skill, clear form, melodious sound and the profound relationship between the text and music. Laus Polyphoniae 2021 will be a hybrid festival featuring the widest possible variety of works by Josquin. Ensembles from the Low Countries will perform live concerts, and this year Laus Polyphoniae will be travelling around the world for the very first time! Rather than inviting the international artists to Antwerp, we will be streaming them from Tokyo (JP), Boston (USA) and York (UK). Last but not least, a number of documentaries will put Josquin’s masses into context.

You will be able to tune into all the documentaries and concerts at Laus Polyphoniae 2021 here online, free of charge. We hope to be able to welcome you to a handful of live concerts as well. Ticket sales for Laus Polyphoniae 2021 | JOSQUIN start on Monday 14 June at 10 am. Register now to be sure not to miss any of the festival! Then you will receive our exclusive, extensive programme book (while stocks last: delivered free of charge to your door in Belgium, and available in digital form elsewhere or on paper with a delivery charge).

Festival Calendar

Documentary concert – Missa Ave maris stella

20 August 2021 10:00

Huelgas Ensemble – A Man for all Seasons

20 August 2021 20:00

Documentary concert – Missa Malheur me bat

21 August 2021 10:00

Cappella Pratensis – Josquin in Ferrara

21 August 2021 20:00

Documentary concert – Missa Hercules dux Ferrarie

22 August 2021 10:00


22 August 2021 20:00

Amaconsort (IYAP)

23 August 2021 12:00

Fair Oriana (IYAP) – canceled

23 August 2021 15:00

Stile Antico (Laus Polyphoniae@YORK)

23 August 2021 20:00

Documentary concert – Missa Pange lingua

24 August 2021 10:00


24 August 2021 12:00

UnderStories (IYAP)

24 August 2021 15:00

Blue Heron (Laus Polyphoniae@BOSTON)

24 August 2021 20:00

Sponte Sua (IYAP)

25 August 2021 12:00

Ibera Auri (IYAP)

25 August 2021 15:00

Vox Luminis

25 August 2021 20:00

Documentary concert – Missa Faisant regretz

26 August 2021 10:00


26 August until 29 August

Vocal Ensemble Cappella (Laus Polyphoniae@TOKIO)

26 August 2021 20:00

Vox Luminis – JOSQUIN day

27 August 2021 11:00

Cappella Pratensis – Josquin and the art of eloquence

27 August 2021 16:00

Huelgas Ensemble – In memoriam Josquin des Prez

27 August 2021 20:00

Documentary concert – Missa Gaudeamus

28 August 2021 10:00


28 August 2021 20:00

Documentary concert – Missa L’homme armé super voces musicales

29 August 2021 10:00

Ratas del viejo Mundo

29 August 2021 20:00


Laus Polyphoniae 2021 | JOSQUIN is a close collaboration between AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp) and Alamire Foundation (KU Leuven) along with our media partner Klara/VRT, our educational partners Musica, Davidsfonds and our subsidy providers, the City of Antwerp and Flanders, and with the support of the National Lottery.

Bart Demuyt, the artistic and general director of AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp), about JOSQUIN 2021:
“It is going to be a hybrid festival, with a few live concerts – hopefully with a live audience! – and also no fewer than twelve documentaries with masses by Josquin des Prez. We are going to surround those masses with all sorts of interesting material. Josquin des Prez was a star in his own time and now we might say he was the ‘Bach’ of the Renaissance.”

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