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In one sense, Polyphony Connects is looking back at the rich history of the previous editions of Laus Polyphoniae, but in another sense it is looking forward to the future. Polyphony Connects is a virtual platform that brings together music from different centuries in the form of both archival recordings and live events, with substantial underpinnings in the form of documentaries, introductions, a book presentation, an international summer school, an educational music holiday for young children and an introductory course.

Programme book

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Every day of the festival you can listen to at least one concert. Polyphony connects presents 3 live streamed concerts and 10 concerts from the AMUZ archives that can be listened to again thanks to Klara. The live concerts which take place at AMUZ without an audience being present, can be listened to on our website and on radio Klara. The 10 archive concerts are memorable concerts from former Laus Polyphoniae editions, each of them worth listening to once more. These 10 concerts are accompanied by a separate video introduction.

Cri de coeur

Every morning during the festival, you can hear a personal cri de coeur on video. A familiar figure expresses his or her feelings at the memory of an archival concert that we are broadcasting again with thanks to Klara. Expect words straight from the heart, musings and reflections, poetry or a warm-hearted endorsement of polyphony.

Coda of the day

Every evening of the festival will be brought to a close with a pearl of a composition, by way of a coda. A piece performed at one of the past editions of Laus Polyphoniae will be accompanied by an impression from a member of the AMUZ team.

All videos will be available online until 30 September, so it is certainly possible to watch them again or watch them postponed.

Ear for detail

About the festival

From 15 August

Prelude Huelgas Ensemble (archive recording)

15 August 2020 10:00

International Young Artist’s Presentation

15 August until 30 September

Study course

Day program

Friday 21 august

Saturday 22 august

Sunday 23 august

Monday 24 august

Tuesday 25 august

Wednesday 26 august

Thursday 27 august

Friday 28 august

Saturday 29 august

Sunday 30 august

Festival news

Interview with Raquel Andueza

Interview with Marnix De Cat

Interview with Patrizia Bovi