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Cela sans plus. Sur les ailes de Jossequin

Josquin composed dozens of chansons, but it is often difficult to work out exactly when and where he wrote them. His chansons are varied, but all of them demonstrate a refined perfection, from simple, naive gems to a melancholy mirror of our souls. Some of his chansons conform to mediaeval formal principles, but others astonish us with their Renaissance clarity. Pluto-ensemble, led by Marnix De Cat, presents this varied programme for voices and instruments. The ensemble will also improvise in 16th century style on a few famous chansons.


J. des Prez: Entrée suis en grant pensée, Entré je suis, La Bernardina, Fortuna d’un gran tempo, Scaramella, Ile fantazies de Joskin, Si j’ay perdu mon amy, Cela sans plus, Madame helas, Vive le roy, Plus nulz regretz, Que vous madame/In pace, Faulte d’argent, Nimphes nappés/Circumdederunt me, Adieu mes amours, Cueur langoreulx | J. Richafort: Circumdederunt me



Olivier Coiffet, tenor | Harry Van der Kamp, bass | Baptiste Romain, vielle | Romina Lischka, viola d’arco | Giovanna Pessi, harp | Marnix De Cat, superius, organetto & artistic director


Sunday 22 August 2021
20.00, AMUZ
Duration: 60 minutes


cat. 1: € 24 / € 20
cat. 2: € 20 / € 16

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