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Michał Gondko & Nigel North

Contrapunti e intavolature

The lute gained special status during the Renaissance. Pioneering masters such as Francesco Canova da Milano raised the bar ever higher in the 16th century. They were specialists in both composing polyphonic music and reworking existing vocal music for the lute. Even though it was possible to play polyphony on a single lute, it was still extremely difficult, so lute duos were also written. They gave the musicians a little more leeway and allowed ever more astonishing effects to be created with the delicate sound of their instruments. Gondko and North explore the extraordinary repertoire of Renaissance Italy together.


Michal Gondko & Nigel North, lute

Tue 23 August 2022

22:15 - Museum Vleeshuis


€ 26 / € 22

Address: Vleeshouwerstraat 38/40, 2000 Antwerp

In collaboration with:

Museum Vleeshuis

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