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Franz Vitzthum & Dryades Consort

Caspar Othmayr (1515-1553). Poison and Antidote

The programme Poison and Antidote delves deep into the colourful music and the life story of the composer and theologian Caspar Othmayr. The common thread is his collection Tricinia (1549), with its artful three-part songs. As well as describing eight vices (gluttony, fornication, greed, anger, melancholy, indolence, the desire for glory and pride), this collection provides the musical antidote so that people could free themselves from these vices. Countertenor Franz Vitzthum and the Dryades Consort from Basel, led by Silvia Tecardi, demonstrate Othmayr’s tremendous abilities as a composer in this humorous musical portrait.


Franz Vitzthum , countertenor| Elizabeth Rumsey, viola d’arco & bass viol | Giovanna Baviera, tenor viol | Leonardo Bortolotto, bass viol | Silvia Tecardi, viola d’arco, treble and tenor viol & artistic leader

Fri 26 August 2022

13:00 - AMUZ


€ 22 / € 18

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