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Contrapunt, punt voor punt

Zomercursus Davidsfonds Academie

Polyphonic music enchants us with its intertwining melodies, known as counterpoint. How did composers in the Middle Ages and Renaissance manage to create such refined fabrics of sound? In these lectures, you will unravel the secrets of the complex counterpoint technique step by step – or rather, point by point. What are the rules and how did they change over the centuries? Is there still counterpoint in music today?


Waldo Geuns, teachter

Tue 23 August 2022

KU Leuven, Campus Carolus


€ 150 | € 140 (with Davidsfond membership card); including 3 teaching days, coffee and 4 concert tickets 1st tier € 176 | € 166 (with Davidsfond membership card); including 3 teaching days, coffee and 5 concert tickets 1st rank

In collaboration with:

Davidsfonds Academie & Davidsfonds Reg. Antwerpen

Info & registration
+32 (0)16 31 06 70

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23 August 2022 13:00

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24 August 2022 20:00

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25 August 2022 13:00

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25 August 2022 20:00

Optional concert

Lieve Blancquaert & Tiburtina Ensemble

23 August 2022 22:15
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