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Cappella Pratensis, Alamire & Oltremontano Antwerpen

Legendary meeting between France and England

Three ensembles reconstruct the music of the Field of the Cloth of Gold in Balinghem in northern France. In June 1520, it was the site of the summit held between King Francis I of France and Henry VIII of England, with the intention of strengthening the bond of friendship between the two countries. Alamire, Cappella Pratensis and Oltremontano Antwerpen present a brilliant interweaving of the two cultures, performing music by composers including Jean Mouton, Robert Fayrfax and Philippe Verdelot.


Ph. Verdelot: Nil majus superi vident | J. Mouton: Tua est potentia, Nesciens mater, Kyrie (+orgelimprovisatie), Credo & Agnus dei uit Missa Tua est potentia | R. Fayrfax: Gloria & Sanctus uit Missa O bone Iesu | W. Lambe: Nesciens mater | A. de Longueval: Benedicat nos imperialis maiestas


Cappella Pratensis

Andrew Hallock, Tim Braithwaite, Lior Leibovici, Korneel Van Neste,Jonatan Alvarado, Peter de Laurentiis, Grantley McDonald, Marc Busnel, singers | Wim Diepenhorst, organ | Stratton Bull, singer & artistic leader


Rachel Haworth, Kirsty Hopkins, Amy Haworth, soprano | Martha McLorinan, Clare Wilkinson, alto | Steven Harrold, Nick Todd, tenor | Richard Bannon, Tim Scott Whiteley, baritone | Will Gaunt, Robert Macdonald, bass | David Skinner, artistic leader

Oltremontano Antwerpen

Doron David Sherwin, cornetto | Wim Becu, trombone & artistic leader

Sat 20 August 2022

20:00 - St.-Andrieskerk


Tier 1: € 34 / € 30 | Tier 2: € 30 / € 26

Address: Waaistraat, 2000 Antwerp

In collaboration with:

Alamire Foundation, studiecentrum voor muziek in de Lage Landen (KU Leuven)

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