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“Kenneth Weiss ajoute à la technicité et à la sobriété des ces grands interprêtes (Gustav Leonhardt, Glenn Gould), un raffinement, une joie et une sensualité qu’on a peu l’habitude d’associer au clavecin.” 
– Télégramme de Brest

Bach published the partitas for harpsichord, also referred to as the German Suites, separately in Leipzig between 1726 and 1731. He also brought the six works together as his first book, Clavier- Übung (1731), which forms his surprisingly late Opus 1. On the title page, Bach noted that the works were intended for ‘Gemüths-Ergoetzung’, the ‘amusement of the spirits’. However they are more than studies intended for entertainment: they have a complex compositional structure and require intense concentration on the part of the soloist.

Partita nr. 1 in Bes, BWV 825
Partita nr. 4 in D, BWV 828
Partita nr. 5 in G, BWV 829

Saturday 12.02.2022
17.30 AMUZ

Cat. 1: €16 / €14
Cat. 2: €14 / €12

This concert is part of Abonnement BACHSUITESinPRIMETIME 1. You can find more information about season tickets here.


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