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Jakub Józef Orliński & Il Pomo d’Oro

Anima aeterna

Anima Aeterna, an adventurous programme of sacred arias and motets from the 18th century, follows in the footsteps of Anima Sacra, performed for a sold-out auditorium at AMUZ in 2018. Orliński sings music by Jan Dismas Zelenka, Georg Friedrich Händel, Johann Joseph Fux and the lesser-known Francisco António de Almeida Davide Perez. The moods of his music range from energetic, wild and dangerous to calm, enchanting and restorative. “The young Polish countertenor with a second career as a break-dancer combines matinee idol looks with a voice of quite astonishing, almost unearthly beauty, coolly sensual in tone, evenly produced throughout a wide range, and supported by well-nigh exemplary technique.” (The Guardian). An inspiring start to the new season!

Music by G.F. Handel, J.J. Fux, M.G. Schiassi, J.D. Zelenka, D. Perez, G. Reutter and others

Jakub Józef Orliński, countertenor | Il Pomo d’Oro | Francesco Corti, artistic direction

Friday 17.09.2021
20:00 AMUZ

Cat. 1: €32 / €28
Cat. 2: €28 / €24

Ticket sales start on 28 August.