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Emmanuelle Bertrand


“Bertrand takes an expressive approach; these are not to be danced to, they are of the same aesthetic as Waltzes by Chopin — something to be admired, savoured, listened to and reflected upon. Bertrand, like Stephen Isserlis, seems to characterise each suite with a prevailing narrative.” 
– The Classic Review

Bach’s Cello Suites dominated Klara’s Top 100 classical music charts for years. No wonder, because they are absolutely fascinating pieces. Bach composed stylised dance suites for single instruments, but his inventiveness as a composer creates the illusion of several instruments playing at once. Bach wrote the suites when he was working in Köthen. They were probably intended for Christian Ferdinand Abel, the virtuoso cellist at the court chapel. We are inviting two equally excellent cellists to AMUZ, each of whom will perform three suites.

Suite nr. 1 in G, BWV 1007
Suite nr. 2 in d, BWV 1008
Suite nr. 3 in C, BWV 1009

Saturday 12.02.2022
11.00 AMUZ

Cat. 1: €20 / €16
Cat. 2: €16 / €14

This concert is part of Abonnement BACHSUITESinPRIMETIME 1. You can find more information about season tickets here.


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