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Didier François, Michel Bisceglia & Utopia

De Monte with Blue notes

1521 was not just the year of Josquin des Prez’ death. It was also the year in which the polyphonic composer Philippus De Monte was born in Mechelen. The nyckelharpa pioneer and expert Didier François will join ensemble Utopia and the pianist Michel Bisceglia to conjure up a unique symbiosis of Flemish polyphony, jazz and improvisation based on De Monte’s Missa Si ambulavero. Si ambulavero (I wander astray) challenges listeners to engage in inner reflection and seek a calming, meditative moment of quiet within themselves. The Belgian pianist, composer and arranger with Italian roots, Michel Bisceglia, will add contemporary tints to the Missa Si ambulavero. The work has been rewritten, isolating and highlighting the structure of the polyphony and adding a layer of refined jazz. Bisceglia is not aiming for swing jazz or bebop, but rather an elegant touch of jazz to give the polyphonic work a present-day feel.

P. De Monte: Missa Si ambulavero with new compositions by Michel Bisceglia

Michaela Riener, mezzo-soprano | Bart Uvyn, Pieter De Praetere, countertenor | Adriaan De Koster, tenor | Lieven Termont, baritone | Guillaume Orly, bass | Thomas Baeté, Romina Lischka, viol | Michel Bisceglia, piano | Marc Lehan, drums | Didier François, nyckelharpa & artistic direction

Thursday 16.12.2021
20.00 AMUZ

Cat. 1: €20 / €16
Cat. 2: €16 / €14

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