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Concerto Palatino

From the Darkness into the Light. Venetian Music in the Time of the Plague

Like every other city in Europe, Venice was afflicted with the plague several times over the centuries. The 1575-1577 epidemic was the worst to hit the city on the lagoon. Right at the beginning of the epidemic, in 1575, the Venetians started building a church as both an act of penance and a symbol of their hope that the epidemic would end soon. When the church was inaugurated, and during later ceremonies, music was played by the best composers working at St Mark’s Basilica, such as Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli. For this concert, a piece was commissioned from the American composer Robert Kyr. Under the working title Vigil: Darkness into Light, the piece reaches out to Renaissance music. 


A. Gabrieli: O crux splendidior, a 8 | Beati quorum remissae sunt, Delictum meum, Tu es refugium meum, In camo et fraeno maxillas eorum, a 6 | Usquequo Domine a 7 | Nativitas tua, Dei genetrix virgo a 7 | Deus, Deus meus, respice in me a 10 | Domine ne in furore tuo a 6, Ps. 6, Quoniam non est in morte, Discedite a me | Eructavit cor meum a 6 | G. Croce: Miserere mei a 6 | G. Gabrieli: Deus, Deus meus ad te de luce vicolo, a 10 | Jubilate Deo a 8 | G.B. Grillo: Exaltabo te Domine a 8 |R. Kyr: Vigil: Darkness into light


Hana Blažíková, Barbora Kabátková, soprano | Alex Potter, countertenor | Benedict Hymas, Jan Van Elsacker, tenor | Jaromir Nosek, bass | Veronika Skuplik, violin | Charles Toet, Simen Van Mechelen, Joost Swinkels, Claire McIntyre, trombone | Miriam Shalinsky, violone | Kris Verhelst, organ | Bruce Dickey, cornetto & artistic leader

Fri 18 November 2022

20:00 - AMUZ


Tier 1: € 30 / € 26 | Tier 2: € 26 / € 22

This concert can be part of the season ticket De keuze van Reinoud Van Mechelen.

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