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Blue Heron

Missa Fortuna desperata


Laus Polyphoniae@BOSTON

The American ensemble Blue Heron is praised for its performances of music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. As Gramophone (UK) puts it: “A revelation. Fresh, dynamic and vibrant … urgent and wondrous music-making of the highest order.” Its artistic leader, Scott Metcalfe, is an undisputed specialist in this repertoire. He is inspired by fate and fame in the music of Josquin and his contemporaries at the Habsburg Burgundian court. Hear the Missa Fortuna desperata, based on an Italian song of the same name, along with various settings of Dulces exuviae, the lament that Queen Dido sings before she commits suicide.


Anoniem: Fortuna desperata | J. des Prez: Missa Fortuna desperata, Dulces exuviae, Fama malum | A. Agricola: Dulces exuviae | J. Ghiselin: Dulces exuviae | M. de Orto: Dulces exuviae | P. de la Rue: Dulces exuviae (Malheur me bat) | J. Mouton: Dulces exuviae



Kim Leeds, Sophie Michaux, mezzo-soprano | Reginald Mobley, countertenor | Jason McStoots, Aaron Sheehan, Sumner Thompson, tenor | Paul Guttry, Steven Hrycelak, David McFerrin, bass | Scott Metcalfe, artistic director


Tuesday 24 August 2021
20.00, online
Duration: 50 minutes


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