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Bertrand Cuiller


“His greatest strength is that every song does sound like a performance with a touch of spontaneity.”
– Early Music Review

The English Suites for harpsichord are among the early works Bach wrote for the instrument. There is much speculation as to their exact date, but Bach composed them in his Weimar period (1708-1717), probably around 1713-1714. As with the French Suites, they were given their title posthumously. There are few characteristics of the English style to be found in the suites, however. In fact the English Suites display a striking number of French elements, although they are more ambitious in structure and contain more counterpoint than the French Suites. According to Bach’s first biographer, Forkel, the suites were written for an English nobleman.

Engelse suite nr. 1 in A, BWV 806
Engelse suite nr. 2 in a, BWV 807
Engelse suite nr. 3 in g, BWV 808
Engelse suite nr. 4 in F, BWV 809
Engelse suite nr. 5 in e, BWV 810
Engelse suite nr. 6 in d, BWV 811

Friday 11.02.2022
20.00 AMUZ
This concert will be longer than usual, there will be an intermission.

Cat. 1: €28 / €24
Cat. 2: €24 / €20

This concert is part of Abonnement BACHSUITESinPRIMETIME 2. You can find more information about season tickets here.


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