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Amandine Beyer & Les Cornets Noirs

Polychoral splendour

The musical history of Venice is one highlight after another. Around 1600, the city on the lagoon was a centre for grandiose, polyphonic vocal and instrumental music. Composers there wrote monumental, glorious compositions, not just for the Doge and St Mark’s Basilica but for the other churches and various festivals as well. Les Cornets Noirs play instrumental works that combine Renaissance counterpoint with Baroque principles of playing in alternation. The ensemble, featuring artist in residence Amandine Beyer, consists of violins, viols, trombones and the cornetts that have given the group its name.

Music by G. Gabrieli, D. Castello, F. Usper, L. da Viadana and B. Rè

Frithjof Smith, Gebhard David, cornett | Simen van Mechelen, Detlef Reimers, Joost Swinkels, trombone | Amandine Beyer, Cosimo Stawiarski, violin | Patrick Sepec, Leonardo Bortolotto, viol | Matthias Müller, violone | Markus Märkl, Johannes Strobl, organ

Thursday 02.12.2021
20.00 AMUZ

Cat. 1: €24 / €20
Cat. 2: €20 / €16

This concert is part of Abonnement Instrumentaal. You can find more information about season tickets here.

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